December 2021 Homeowner’s Tip: Water Pressure vs Water Flow center;”>Join Owner, Dean Smith, of Veterans Pressure washing based in Evans, Georgia to learn more about water pressure and water flow in your home.


Full video transcript:

Hey folks, I’m Dean Smith here with Veteran’s Pressure Washing and today for an education moment and what we’re going to talk about is water pressure and water flow gallons per minute.  So, one of the reasons why this is important is because the water that comes to your residential home is under a lot of pressure and there’s a valve in front of every home in between the main line and the house.  It’s called the PRV- pressure reducing valve. And the goal of that valve is to bring the water pressure down to an acceptable range. That range is anywhere from 60 to 80 PSI.  And what we have here is a gauge, a meter that we can test your water supply and we can see where we are at in the range.  We can also test gallons per minute as well.  The average home gallons per minute is anywhere from 4 to 7 gallons per minute per water source.  So, you know sometimes those valves fail, and sometimes they fail in the open position, and sometimes they fail in the closed position.  And you know, it’s important that you don’t have too high of water pressure to your home because that can cause some of your appliances to start failing- things like your dishwasher, your water heater, your laundry, your washing machine.  Faucets and shower heads stuff like that can start to fail if there under too much pressure.  Subsequently, if your water pressure is too low, you don’t have a lot of water flow coming out and that’s something that home owners have experienced.  We have washed several houses where we’ve noted that the water pressure was really low or really high, we always try to give that feedback back to the homeowner.  So, one of the things that I just wanted to share with you today is how to test your own water pressure as well and it’s a really easy test.  You can pick these gauges up off Amazon, Wrightsboro Supply is another location that we have purchased from before.  So, this is pretty simple- you just screw this on to the faucet here and make sure this valve is closed. And then right now, we are at right at about 60 PSI on this house so were in really good shape right here.  Alright, so what were also going to do real quick is just go ahead and test gallons per minute.  Once that normalizes, we will start to see right there that’s about 5 and a half gallons per minute.  So just kind of wanted to share a quick tip for homeowners.  You know the average cost to get a PRV replaced by a licensed plumber is anywhere from $300 to $500. If you guys have had any plumbers that you have used we’d love for you to send us an e-mail back, give us that recommendation.  We haven’t really dialed in a really good resource for plumbers but just wanted to share that education moment.  Hope everyone is staying warm out there, I know Christmas is right around the corner, I wish everybody a Merry Christmas.  Alright, have a great day!