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Top Rated Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

At Veterans Pressure Washing, the customer always comes first. We take pride in offering the highest quality products and service in the industry.

The roof of your home or business is like an umbrella over your head; it protects everything and everyone that is underneath it. It is very important for every homeowner or business owner to take good care of the roof of their building because if roof damages occur the results can be catastrophic in some instances.

One way that you can provide ongoing care for your roof is to have it washed on a regular basis. The professional team from Veterans Pressure Washing company offers services for roof washing that will benefit any type of roof. We know how important the proper function and the appearance of a roof can be and we strive to clean your roof thoroughly and diligently with every single roof cleaning service.

Roof washing requires a special soft washing method that works effectively yet is gentle enough for roofing materials. In order to protect the shingles on your roof we use a detergent that will rid the surface of algae, lichens, moss, dirt, grime, and any other substances that can wear down the roofing materials. The soft wash process is safe for all roofing materials and will not cause damage during the cleaning process.

The result will be a clean streak-free roof that you can be proud of and know that you are doing everything possible in order to prolong the life of your building materials. Furthermore, by removing unwanted substances from your environment you are creating a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

The professional technicians from Veterans Pressure Washing have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take care of all of your roof washing projects. We aim to earn your repeat business with our superior customer service and our high levels of customer satisfaction.

Professionals recommend that you have your roof washed routinely, and the staff from Veterans Pressure Washing welcome the opportunity to provide all of your roof cleaning services. If we may be of assistance to you, then please contact us today! For soft wash roof cleaning near you, search ‘soft wash roof cleaning near me.’

The Soft Wash Difference

More and more property owners are searching for “soft wash near me” when their roof is due for a cleaning. This method has gained attention for great reasons–it is gentler on roofing materials than pressure washing, it protects the environment, and most importantly, it is very effective in eradicating the organisms that tend to colonize roofing materials.


In the greater Augusta, Georgia area, Veterans Pressure Washing has been proudly offering soft wash service for residential and commercial roofs for years. Check out our glowing customer reviews to see what others think of our work!

Soft Washing and Environmental Concerns

If your primary reason for looking for “soft wash near me” is that you want an environmentally safe roof cleaning, you’re making a great choice! Soft washing uses a biodegradable, environmentally friendly solution that is tough on mold, mildew, algae, and dirt but will not harm the plants surrounding your home, the pets that play in the yard, or your family members.


If you have questions about our roof washing technique’s effect on the ecosystem, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll tell you all about our service and provide a quote in no time.

Soft Wash Cleaning Protects Your Roof

Simply pressure washing a roof can age the roofing materials more quickly or even cause immediate damage. As shingle granules are knocked loose or the finish on concrete roofs is worn down by high-pressure water, these roofs become less able to keep moisture from making its way inside your home.


Soft washing, on the other hand, uses very low pressure water to gently rinse the biodegradable cleaning solution and debris off your roof. With no more impact than a gentle summer rain, your roof will be clean, safe, and highly effective at protecting your house and family.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Near Me

Why choose Veterans Pressure Washing for your roof cleaning needs? Perhaps the biggest reason is the long list of people in the greater Augusta, GA region who have already worked with us and have great things to say about our team. Reputation is immensely important in our industry, and we want our new customers to know that they can trust us.


We not only do a thorough job and treat your home the way we would treat our own, but we also pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful, and courteous. No question is a silly question, and of course we guarantee all our work!

Extend Your Roof’s Life With Soft Washing

Visible debris and black streaks on your roof are certainly a good reason to search for “soft wash roof cleaning near me,” but that shouldn’t be the only time that you have your roof treated. The roof is perhaps the hardest-working element of your home’s protection system, working 24 hours a day to keep not only moisture but also debris and pests out of your home. 

Regular roof cleaning by experts will also extend the life of your roof, helping you avoid replacing it earlier than estimated due to deterioration. Protect your investment with this convenient, extremely effective preventive maintenance!

Not a DIY Project

Homeowners are strongly discouraged from attempting to clean their own roof as a DIY project. Without the right equipment, working on a roof is incredibly dangerous, with just one misstep leading to potential severe injury. Even a roof that does not have a steep slope is covered with loose shingle granules and can be slippery with algae or mold.


Saving the expense of hiring “soft wash roof cleaning near me” is not worth a trip to the hospital and weeks of physical recovery! That’s especially true when you have access to the affordable, expert service of Veterans Pressure Washing here in the greater Augusta area.


Q: What’s the difference between pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning near me?


A: Pressure washing, also called power washing, uses high pressure to blast water at a surface and physically knock debris from it. Soft wash cleaning uses a gentle rinsing instead, which avoids damaging roofing materials while relying on our biodegradable solution to deteriorate and remove debris.


Q: How does roof cleaning in Augusta improve my home’s value?


A: An obvious improvement to your home after a roof soft wash in Augusta is its clean, well-maintained look. Black streaks of algae and mold growing in the corners of eaves make your home look uncared for. More importantly, it protects every other element of your house by keeping the roof over it strong, effective, and long-lasting.


Q: How much is a quote for soft wash near me?

A: A call to Veterans Pressure Washing gets you a quick visit from one of our experts and a free consultation. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your roof’s condition and let you know what is needed to get it into good working order again.


Q: Do you service commercial properties?

A: Yes–in addition to shingles, we also clean concrete roofs, tile, and other materials with our soft wash roof cleaning service.

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